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Buying a home?


Purchasing property involves an important, often expensive transaction, and getting professional assistance makes sense.   Engaging an experienced real estate attorney, early in the process, gives you the benefit of knowledgeable advice and counsel throughout the process of buying your house, condominium or commercial property. 


We can assist you by providing the following services:


  • Preparation, review and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements so that your rights and interests are protected and you enter into this important agreement with as much information about the process as a possible.


  • Title examinations of the property – this is critical so that title defects, if any, are identified and to the extent possible rectified.


  • Preparation and recording of a Declaration of Homestead, so that when you purchase a home, up to $500,000 of the equity in your home is protected by from creditors.


  • Preparation and recording of Deeds to transfer property, land and other real estate holdings.


  • Preparation and recording of Deeds and Trusts to convert properties to Condominiums.


If you are looking to purchase a home and will need a mortgage, or you would like to refinance your current home, we would be happy to recommend lenders who can help you obtain competitive interest rates.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss your purchase or refinance, and to provide you with more information about the process. Please call us at 781.893.5955.


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